Stair Safety

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Stair lifts for the elderly can make it possible to sleep in your upstairs bedroom and come down to the kitchen
for a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Remain in the home you love regardless of the changes in your life. No more climbing of the stairs. You can get from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor while being seated in a comfortable chair.

If Stair lifts aren’t an option, here are a few tips
to ensure balance while climbing the Stairs:

• Handrails that are secure on both sides of the stairs are essential, and should also extend from top to bottom.
• Handrails should fit the grip of the hand fully and be fixed at a comfortable height
• Make two trips if necessary when carrying bulky bags. Do not carry objects that detract the use of handrails or proper view of the steps. Carrying a cane up and down the stairs can be problematic, leave a cane at the top of the stairs placed securely and one cane at the bottom of the stairs.
• Don’t rush up and down the stairs even if the doorbell or telephone ring. Install an intercom.
• Good lighting and visible steps are essential. Stay balanced.
• Stair Safety strips
• Secure carpeting
• Uncluttered stairways

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