Making Home a Safer Place

Take a look below at the services we provide to help you feel safe in your own home.

Welcome to Elderly Proofing

Elderly Proofing Inc. provides home assessments to ensure the protection of our beloved elderly. We facilitate the elderly proofing of the home, giving the independence to our loved ones to carry on their daily activities with confidence and ease. By Elderly Proofing the home you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you’ve made your elder’s living space as safe as possible.

Latest Safety Tips

Cover Sharp Corners

Cover the sharp corners on tables. Bumpers or pads for table corners are widely available. Or remove

Easily Arrange Furniture

Make sure chairs and couches are easy to get in and out of. Arrange furniture so they can easily mov

Safe Stairs

Install railings on both sides of staircases, are strong enough to support a person's full body weig

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